Parliament is back in sitting in Ottawa and the MP for Battle River-Crowfoot is going to be hounding the federal government to do more to get the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline to the west coast built.
Kevin Sorenson believes Alberta Premier Rachel Notley was duped into thinking a carbon tax would make it easier to get support for the stalled pipeline.
"I think Rachel's whole philosophy has failed," he told 99.5 Drum FM. "She sold Albertans on this idea of a social license: if we do this, they will do this; if we go along with the Trudeau carbon tax, then we will have no problems with pipelines. Now she's realising there's no value in saying a social license because it doesn't accomplish anything."
"Pipelines create jobs, pipelines move our oil safely, pipelines mean that we will have a market in other places of the world like India and China, rather than just rely on one customer, the United States," he pointed out. "The United States is not only our number one customer, soon they will become our number one competitor."
The Trans Mountain Pipeline is still caught up in legal wrangling from the BC Government over environmental concerns, but Sorenson isn't buying it.
"Every farmer has pipelines, to a small extent, coming through their land, natural gas lines," he argued. "You farm over them, you drive over them, you don't even know they're there six months or a year later. It's the safest way, economically it's the most feasible way of getting our product to market."
Sorenson understands there are other sources of energy than petroleum, but in the meantime, he says we have what the world wants and we need to get it to market.

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