Morrin School was host to a presentation that was organized by two local students and brought an NFL legend to town.

Morrin School's Inclusivity Project was organized and realized by two local Morrin students, Madeline Cuncannon and Taylor Davidson. The project set out to create an inclusive culture among Morrin Village to promote that sports are for everyone, including the LGBTQ2+ community. Cuncannon and Davidson, after Morrin students attended WE day earlier this year, saw a man by the name of Esera Tuaolo. Tuaolo is a nine-year NFL player, appeared on the hit musical television show The Voice on Team Blake Shelton and was the first openly gay man in NFL history.

"They (Cuncannon and Davidson) said they wanted to get him (to come to Morrin School). I said go for it! In the back of my mind, I'm thinking, 'What are the chances of this guy hopping on a plane and coming out here?'," explained Principal of Morrin School, Don Yavis. "When he (Tuaolo) agreed to do this, it was amazing. I can't believe the amount of work these students have done to make this day happen."

Tuaolo presented on his 'Hate In Any Form Is Wrong' platform, relaying to the students and parents of Morrin that it doesn't matter what sexuality you hold, if you can play sports, then you can play. He advocated the inclusion of all peoples in all facets of life, not just sports and brought up his own hard times, as well as good ones, of when he came out in 2002.

Tuolo spoke of acceptance of an LGBTQ2+ family member within the home and touches upon the realization parents and guardians need to come to when an individual finds the courage to come out.

"It's very important that parents realize that that's your child. I, being a parent myself of two beautiful twins, can't imagine anything that my child would say to kick them out or disown them," Tuolo continued. "I deal with a lot of kids that come out to their parents and what the parents do is kick them out or disown them or cut them off. I can't imagine myself doing that to myinclu3Grade 10 Morrin Student, Meah Richmondchild."

Students from Morrin school who watched Tuaolo's message also walked away with the power to be inclusive, just like Grade 10 student, Meah Richmond, who practices inclusivity daily.

"My friend, she's a part of the LGBTQ2+ community. I really like being a part of this and supporting them. When someone does say something rude about them in public I do like to correct them. That is not okay. Even if they have a disability, I don't like to exclude anybody from anything."

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