There's nothing like this in the Drumheller and surrounding area, which is why the brand new Michichi boardwalk will be a huge success.

The Michichi Creek Beaver Co-Existence and Interpretive Boardwalk project has been approved and construction should begin in the fall.

"The area it's being built on is owned partly by Starland County and partly by a landowner who is allowing the building of the boardwalk on the land. It's located just downstream of the spill way where there is a really nice repairing area, which is there only because of the beavers," stated Dara Kudras, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman for Starland County.

Kudras mentioned that there is going to be a bunch of different aspects of the boardwalk such as a gazebo area and more.

"We've got shale path that will be about 600 or 700 feet, 100 or 200 feet of floating boardwalks and then 400 feet of elevated anchored wooden boardwalk," she noted.

Building the Michichi Creek Beaver Co-Existence and Interpretive Boardwalk is not a cheap project, which is why Starland County applied for some grant funding assistance.

"The main reason, the only reason, this project is happening is due to the grant we received from the Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program. We applied for a grant in the amount of $93,000 and that was to go towards the repairing help assessments we were doing both upstream and downstream of where the beaver dam is located," Kudras explained.

"The construction of the boardwalk was the most costly aspect of the project, but the county will also be chipping in for part of the project. I think part of the reason we got the grant is because there wasn't really anything like this in the area and they identified that."

Starland County is hoping for a completion timeline of early summer in 2018, all subject to weather.

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