It is time to bring out the big heavy parkas, snow boots, toques mitts and gloves this upcoming week. 

You might have been able to get out with just a light spring fall coat last month, but snow and freezing temperature warnings all over Alberta are telling a different story for February.

Dressing warmly is especially important for younger children as they head out on cold mornings to catch the bus.

"We do recommend students to dress appropriately for all weather types. Especially with cold weather coming, we really want them to wear a toque and mitts that cover their hotspots on their head, a jacket that zips up, not just a hoodie, and making sure they have warm boots," explained Vice Principal of St. Anthony's School, Chris Bzdel. "Because again, we are expecting the busses to get here but if the bus ever breaks down, and with it being so cold, it is really cold."

She encourages parents to take a look at the forecast before sending little ones off for school and preparing them for all temperature changes that may happen on that day.

"I think just because we live in a chinook area, we need to dress for the weather. Even though it is supposed to be warm later on in the morning, dress in layers. You can't predict what the weather is going to do or what is going to happen with circumstances so just dree for the weather," she continued.

Parents won't have to worry about their little ones freezing their behinds off during a cold snap. Once the temperature drops to a certain point, indoor recess is called.

"When it is minus twenty, ambient or with the wind chill, is when we allow for students to come in for recess, before school, after school and noon hours," stated Bzdel.

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