A group of local literati gathered together to take part in the valley's first ever Story Slam on 'beasts'. 
The story slam was held at Sublime Food and Wine on Saturday, February 5. 
"It went really well. We weren't sure what to expect, you never really are with these first events, but I was really pleased. Despite having a really snowy weekend and the Super Bowl to deal with, we had about 20 people show up. It was pretty cool to see that so many people of those 20 actually got up to tell stories," outlined Georgia Ohm, Project Manager at the Royal Tyrrell Museum and a creator of the Story Slam. 
"We had a theme right, so I think that kind of prompted people to think about story they might like to tell if they were going to tell a story."
Ohm added that there was no pressure for those who attended to get up and read a story. 
"You could just show up as an audience member and just enjoy other stories, but I think a lot of people did come with a 'if I was to tell a story this might be a story I could tell'. Once they saw how easy it was they just got on board," she noted. 
"It was a really good time and I think that story telling is such a natural thing for people. People love hearing stories, just seems to be this ancient thing we've been doing for our entire history of humans and it's so easy. You don't need any sort of equipment or any special skills, anyone can tell a story."
The Story Slam is in the works of becoming a semi-regular event. 
"I'm hoping we will do our next one in late March and we still need to find some venues, so I'm hoping there will be some welcoming out there for us. We'll just kind of continue going through the summer," expressed Ohm. 
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