Through centuries, Women have gathered in small groups to talk to each other, offering to empower each other, share wisdom, advice and uplift each other through trying times.

Sometimes a friend will only tell you what you want to hear to make you feel better. This does not mean that the friend is giving bad advice, it just may not be the appropriate guidance for tough situations.

Women’s Circles offer empowering connection, community, and a refuge of trust and love. It also is a safe and sacred space for women to come together, using their voices to be heard and be seen.

Mikala Chambers of Mikala's Musings in Drumheller saw the need for a Women's Circle in the valley and she has spear-headed one as of April last year.

"I started Women's circle because I wanted to connect with other women in a healthy, supportive way. My whole life I was conditioned to compete and compare and I struggled to develop a connection with women. I've even gone to Calgary in search of this sort of thing. I was really called to start my own because I knew that other women would really benefit from this as well," said Chambers.

She also explains that most men do this same thing but in forms of hunting or camping trips, or just a night out with their friends.

"This sort of thing is really important for, not just women, but for everybody," explained Chambers. " When you can see somebody that you don't even know, across the room and connect with them, you can begin to connect with other people, because you see yourself showing up in all these people around you."

Chambers walks us through what is involved during a meeting and shares some important key points.

"There is a bit of ceremony involved. We introduce ourselves, we light a candle, guide everybody through a meditation. Following the meditation, we do journaling, circle sharing, and we finish with chocolates. Circle sharing really is the point of the Women's Circle. There is no back and forth bantering. It's not a conversation, you essentially are there to witness and validate someone else's emotional state."

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