Drumheller is full of talented individuals, but one of the most musically successful singers scored herself a spot for singing the National Anthem at the Calgary Stampeders game on Saturday, July 22..

Jenn Beaupre has been singing all her life and performing many shows, but only a few sporting events.

"About four or five years ago, someone reached out to me to sing at the NHL game. They had me out and auditioned me and said yes we want to have you, but I never wanted to be a regular with any of them because honestly, I teach and I gig and it's just not financially sensible for me," explained Beaupre. "About a month ago, I put on Facebook that I haven't done the anthem at a sporting event for a long time and I'd really like to. I guess he saw it and thought of me when their main girl couldn't go."

Beaupre noted that for her, it's basically like any other day in the office.

"For me, singing is singing. It's a lot of fun when it's in front of a lot of people, but sort of the same thing," stated Beaupre.

"It's really fun to do those games because everyone is so into it. It's also a fun patriotic moment too because you realize just how Canadian everyone really is and feels and how everyone feels united in those moments," she added.

Although Beaupre belted the National Anthem at the top of her lungs, she was actually very under the weather.

"I was so sick in bed with the flu, like the worst flu I've ever had. When he reached out to me I thought that when you ask the universe and it gives it to you, you have to get your flu out of bed and just do it. I was hacking up a lung on the sideline, sang the song and by the time people were texting me saying 'that was so awesome, can I come see you', I was replying saying that I was already home in bed, even though it was like the first quarter," concluded Beaupre.

To watch Jenn Beaupre perform the National Anthem at the Calgary Stampeders game, follow this link.

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