The Masonic Symbol Lodge #93 welcomed an honored guest during a brotherhood initiation.

Brothers, a Master, and a Grand Master gathered into the rooms of the Drumheller Masonic Lodge to begin the process of welcoming four new brothers into the folds brotherhood.

Mike Yavis, Symbol Lodge #93 Worshipful Master, explains that it is a very rare occurrence to have a Grand Master attended an initiation ceremony.

"It's quite an honor to have him to come to any meeting let alone when there are four new brothers coming into Masons," said Yavis. "I hope they understand that this is an honor that rarely ever happens; that the Grand Master of Alberta comes to an initiation."

Kenn Clubertson, the Grand Master of Alberta, was welcomed by many brothers of Symbol Lodge #93.

"There is an initiation process that brings them into our fold of being welcomed into the family," said Grand Master Clubertson speaking of the four men joining the Masons'. "After tonight, they will become our brother. We try to instill a sense of morality and caring to each other that just makes a man have a place to go to give him a sense of well being at all times."

The customs, ceremonies, and traditions behind Mason's practices are secretive and historic as only brothers experience them first hand. For Daniel Bennett, nerves began to take over before the ceremony began last night.

"It's really secretive to begin with," explains new initiate Bennett. "We've been here a few times for the meals and what not. After the meals finish they(the brothers) go down there so we haven't gotten to see what's happening at all. I'm a bit nervous but excited at the same time."

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