Drumheller filmmaker Matt Paproski has a new project -- a documentary about his two wolves, Aurora and Timber.

The focus of Paproski's new documentary is on the wolves' journey between Drumheller and Thompson, Manitoba. However, said Paproski, there's more to the film than just that.

"Within [the film], we'll interject our story of how we raised [the wolves], the issues affecting them, what the experts have to say and what the solutions are."

Paproski explained how he got the wolves ten years ago.

"We got these two wolves from a farm in Saskatchewan where you can still pay to hunt animals, and that's something we're not really supportive of so we got two of the wolves out of that system and decided to raise them for educational purposes and for some mission in life that we weren't sure of -- but we sure are now."

The wolves are travelling to Thompson to be special guests at next week's annual Aurorafest.

"After ten years of raising them, we are working with Thompson, Manitoba who have proclaimed themselves 'Wolf Capital of the World'. They're putting huge energy into marketing themselves so they can draw eco-tourism to the North and help their economy. And guess what?" asked Paproski. "Our two wolves are their feature attractions coming up at Aurorafest, where people are going to come and see our wolves."

During the festival, Thompson hopes to beat a Guinness World Record of most people howling at the same time. The town is planning to assembled 1,000 people for the record attempt, with Aurora and Timber leading the pack.

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