Another family in our area has been struck down by a tick borne disease and they can't find any help at the provincial or federal level. VAN STRATENSPhoto courtesy Van Straten family.
Angie Van Straten and her husband Joe have both been diagnosed with a type of Lyme Disease not recognized by Alberta Health Services.
"My husband got sick first, it was in August of last year," she recounted. "He went to the doctor and they just thought it was a virus so they didn't do anything about it. He kept getting sicker and sicker and then a month to two months after that, I started getting sick."
"We went to our local doctor, we got a test run and it came back negative, but our symptoms continued to get worse and worse to the point where we couldn't even get out of bed a lot of days," she explained. "We found a naturopathic doctor in Calgary and we got tested through a lab in Germany and it ended up being positive."
The Alberta Government only recognizes one strain of Lyme Disease and only one carrier, the black legged tick, but doctors in other countries treat patients for several strains caused by the bites of different tick species.
Neither Angie or Joe has been able to work for some time now. They've set up a GoFundMe page to help with the expected cost of treatment, much of which is not available in Canada.
`We didn't want to have to do that at all, but we're still not able to work, neither of us," she outlined. "We've been denied disability so we have no income coming in and we didn't really have a choice but to go the GoFundMe route."
Van Straten is also worried that the infection may have been passed to her infant son Dextin, as some research suggests the disease can be acquired in utero or through breast feeding. They're still waiting to hear back on his test results.
To access the Van Straten GoFundMe page, follow this link.

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