The word 'Cosplay' means 'Costume Play' and one local women does it very well.

At the Edmonton Expo, which took place on the weekend of September 21, local cosplay model and artist, Kaytlyn Fleming conquered a goal of hers.

Fleming began her cosplay journey four years ago before she began competing in expo competitions.cosplay3Fleming cosplaying as World of Warcraft's, Ysera

"So this one I entered (was) Journeyman which is like an intermediate level," explained Fleming. "It goes Novice, Journeyman and then Masters. Masters is considered like, the professionals kind of thing. So once you're into the category it's quite high-level."

Fleming cosplayed her creative direction on the World of Warcraft's, Ysera. An earth-forest dragon called an, 'Aspect'. The human form of an elemental dragon. The build for the costume took Fleming upwards of three weeks to complete as she builds her costumes from scratch, minus the tights and wig she wore.

"I had entered as Journeyman and I ended up getting bumped up to Masters," she beamed. "And then winning the entire Masters category so it was kind of a bit of a shock. I actually didn't really know it happened and then one guy back stage said, 'Go, go, go!'. So I walked out and they handed me the award and I still didn't really get it until I read it and it said Masters. I was like, 'Oh my gosh!'."

The Masters 1st place prize came with a Best Cosplay Craftsmanship Certificate, bragging rights and a cash prize of $250.

"My short term goal for this year was to win Journeyman, so I ended up winning Masters. So I obviously surpassed that," aimed Fleming. "Now, I want to try and win a best in show this. When you win a best in show, it's like you win the entire competition."

cosplay1Fleming(Middle-Right) won first place in the Masters Category during the Edmonton Expo

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