Working in the serving industry is a tough business. Servers are often subject to rude customers, random hours, and long shifts on their feet.

The Alberta Government recently passed a law in order to protect females in the hospitality industry where it is mandatory to wear high heel footwear.SherryDrumFM Administrative Assistant Sheri Alderdice

"We know that being a server is an incredibly physical job and safety standards should be our top priority. That is why we are amending the OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) code to prohibit employers from requiring workers to use footwear that may impose health and safety risks. The change will take effect on January 1, 2019, " explained Minister of Labour, Christina Gray.

Gray goes on to say that the new law will not banish all high heels from the industry but will give the employee the choice of footwear they deem is the best fit for the job.

Local chiropractor, Dr. Qais Janmohamed, from the Chiropractic Wellness Center in Drumheller weighed in on his experience with patients who wear high heels for work.

"I do see a lot of injuries from that because of the way it will shape the toes and the feet and change the ways the mechanics are. When the mechanics are to change, it can cause more stress on the ankle the knee, the hip, the back and then it translates all the way up to the spine," explained Dr. Janmohamed.

Dr. Janmohamed also said that a lot of women come in with pain and are unsure of where it is coming from. It is often chalked up to long hours of high heel wear.

"If you are going to see to patient's comfort and if it comes to their pain and health concerns, you shouldn't be forcing them into something that would cause them stress and cause them to have issues. In that way, I would say (the law) is just," concluded Dr. Janmohamed.

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