2016 has been a tough year and Star Wars fans just lost their iconic legend.
Carrie Fisher, who was best known as Princess Leia, passed away on December 27 from a heart attack. 
Local resident, Larry Wasmann with Tugs Pop Culture and Sports, had the privilege to meet this iconic legend.
"I saw her in Saskatoon, she was buying something at a booth right next to me. When I did Edmonton, she actually came and bought a couple of t-shirts off of me," stated Wasmann. "I really didn't get to talk to her, it was more of the 'I'll take that one' kind of thing. She had her entourage with her, about three or four people, some were security and some were entourage, so I really didn't get the chance to talk to her."
"She was walking by my booth and I had these t-shirts that was Donald Trump like a cat. She happened to look up and see it, she walked up and said I'll take it. All I had was a large and she was fine with that, then she was picking some other t-shirts from another table that was part of my booth. My helper got her a couple t-shirts, so I think she bought three or so t-shirts," mentioned Wasmann.
"I had this little bobble head of slave Princess Leia, which was probably at least 10 years old. One of her entourage asked if I had any Pop Slave Princess Leia's, but I told her I had the bobble head. I remember Carrie saying 'Oh, you better buy that because they're going to stop making the slave Leia'."
One person that Wasmann purchases pictures off of made a special trip to Saskatoon to have a private autograph session with her. This gentleman ended up getting 20 pictures signed and it cost him $4,500.
When Wasmann was in Saskatoon working his booth he seen a dog running around, but it wasn't just any dog. 
"I see this dog walking around and I was thinking who was the idiot that has a dog that isn't on a leash. I happened look up and it was her dog and as soon as I seen it was her dog. Once I seen her I recognized the dog because it was on television it was this little bulldog with its tongue always hanging out, so right away I realized that was Carrie Fishers' dog," recalled Wasmann. 
Fisher was best known for her role as Princess Leia and her novels, as well as her appearances in The Blues Brothers and multiple television shows. She will be greatly missed by many. 

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