A group of rate payers in Kneehill County is asking the Alberta Government to put the County council and administration under the microscope.

They have gathered signatures on a petition that was sent off to Municipal Affairs Minister Shea Anderson this week.

"We feel that the council meetings are not as transparent as they should be; we feel there's a lot more in camera (private) sessions where decisions are being made behind closed doors," explained Angela Look. "We found out that there are several instances where the councilors, the people that we elected to speak for us, are not even aware of decisions that are being made by the reeve and the CAO.'

Look joined the petition team after her husband was let go by the county at the Torrington Fire Hall.

"Firings of senior firefighters, volunteer positions, with no just cause or reason," she argued. "The racetrack at Drumheller (Rosebud), the purchase of land at the Badlands (Horseshoe Canyon), water issues, the Sunterra plant in Acme; there's about seven or eight issues."

Organizers distributed their petition over the last few weeks and garnered 1,179 signatures, along with the names of 121 people ineligible to sign, but still supporting the request for a department audit.

"They'll make sure that the meetings are held the way they're supposed to be held, they'll make sure that the people who have the voting power, like the councilors, don't feel bullied or coerced into voting one way or the other," outlined Look. "They'' make sure that the rules are being followed and the public is being consulted when they should be."

The petition was shipped off to the Minister on Monday. He now has 45 days to decide whether an actual audit of the Kneehill council and administration is warranted.

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