Maintenance and upkeep of your property investment are extremely important if you don't want to lose the value of your home.

There are many facets of disasters that can happen while you are on a holiday, whether if it's 6 months, 10 days, or you have moved and do not reside in your home, pending the sale of it.REMAX NOW JAN 21RE/MAX Now Drumheller, Alberta

If you plan on leaving your home vacant for a period of time, always have someone do a walk through every day. This will save you from a huge predicament of coming home to a huge, expensive disaster.

The factors that can hit your home hard, affect the value, and cause you grief, can be very expensive to fix, are most likely due to the elements of the weather.

When temperatures are at an all-time low, pipes can freeze and burst inside your home, then you'll end up having to replace the plumbing, flooring, drywall, insulation, and carpets. Keeping your home at room temperature in the winter while you are away will deter pipes from freezing and bursting.

"With the colder weather happening, make sure that any snow or moisture is going to be kept away from the perimeter of your home," explained Heather VanDyk of RE/MAX Now in Drumheller.

"Have someone check the property to make sure the furnace is working. Make sure you protect your investment," she continued. 

In the summer season, there could be potential for calamity. Though water is an essential part of our lives and keeping greenery lush during the warmer season, trouble in your home can also happen in the spring and summer.

"Watering your flower beds that are up against your house can flood your basement," VanDyk explained.

Some important keys to maintain the value of your home for the day you may put it up for sale.

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