Leaving your dog or other pet in a hot car should be filed under common sense by now.

A report was volunteered to the DrumFM studios of an incident involving two dogs that were left in a vehicle on a day where the temperature was 26 degrees Celsius.

The individual reported that her and her partner waited for over 45 minutes to see if and when the owner of the vehicle would return, periodically checking up on the animals in the vehicle.

"The situation is that it just gets so hot here in the summer. People underestimate how long they're going to be gone and how hot it can get in a vehicle," said Corporal Gerald Sherk of the Drumheller RCMP. "We hear horror stories across North America every summer of children being left in that situation. People don't seem to give that same thought or respect to an animal."

After waiting, the individual went inside the building she was parked at and tried to locate the person who owns the vehicle, an action Corporal Sherk says is the right thing to do, as well as calling Bylaw Services. The last thing you should do, though, is start breaking windows.

"I don't encourage people, except in extreme circumstances, to take it upon themselves to force themself into a vehicle to rescue an animal unless there is that really extreme situation."

"Contact Bylaw. They're going to be the first line of contact. They're able to co-ordinate with the Drumheller and District Humane Society to make that determination, At this point, are these dogs in such distress, we need to free them from the vehicle where they're (the bystander) is actually going to be causing damage."

Bylaw Services did arrive and warned the driver not to do it again.

Under the Drumheller Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw, Section 5 - Prohibitions - Unattended Animal -  5.1 says 'No person shall leave an animal unattended in or on a motor vehicle so that the animal's well being or safety is placed in jeopardy.' A fine of $150 can be given to an individual for not complying with this bylaw.

Corporal Sherk also comments that if it gets to the point where the animal is being neglected on purpose and that putsthe animal's life on the line, it can be charged as a criminal offense.

To look at all the bylaws surrounding responsible pet ownership in Drumheller, follow this link.

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