Last fall, a local man spent his time out in the Drumheller Municipal Cemetery taking care of our veterans headstones and he's back at it again.

"I'm continuing to do that as long as the weather holds out and such, but the opportunity has presented itself, veterans aside, to turning cleaning memorials into an actual business which I now have done," stated local Eric Dahl.

Memory Keepers Memorial Cleaning and Esthetics is now an official company, aside from the veterans.

"The work on the veterans plots will always be voluntary, I cannot and will not make money off those. This company is for those people who have family here, but don't live here anymore or you live here, but your family is buried somewhere else; that's where I come in, I will take care of them for you," Dahl expressed.

So, how does the company work?

"It's invoiced out kind of like you would (see) from a mechanic or a plumber. There's a basic rate of charge per hour and then I'll have an invoice on what needs to be done to that plot to have it cleaned up," Dahl explained. "I'll go over that with the customer, get the approval for it and then I get to work. I'll take before and after pictures to show the improvements on the grave for the family to see the work I have done if they can't come see it personally."

Dahl secured his very first customer on April 30 and then secured another the following day.

"At the moment, it's a very basic business. I don't have a business phone, I don't have a vehicle, there's no fancy equipment involved, there's just a little bit of know-how and great care for the business to start off with," he noted.

If someone is interested in Memory Keepers Memorial Cleaning and Esthetics, contact Eric Dahl through social media.

"The only phone I have is my landline and I'm not going to give that out for a business phone. Please check out the page Memory Keepers on Facebook or you can contact me through my own personal page on Facebook as well."

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