Females are not necessarily as common as males in the police force, but they are no less important.

In 2016, Statistics Canada reported that women accounted for 21 percent of the police force in the country.

"It's really important for people when we're responding to situations that they are comfortable with the person they are dealing with," explained Rachel Pergunas with the Drumheller RCMP. "They are more likely to open up, in a lot of cases, to a woman especially if it is a victim of sexual assault. They do not always necessarily want to disclose what has happened to them to a man. It just really helps a victim, it is very sensitive information and there are lots of males in this organization that are very empathetic as well."

She added that the requirements of a female to join the RCMP are exactly the same as a male.

"When women first joined the force the argument for not having us in was that 'we're not strong enough, we're not big enough, we can't fight, we can't do this or that,' but it's been long enough now that we've proven ourselves and we can do all of that aswell," said Pergunas.

"People have tried to attack me, punch me, fight me, grab my tools," reported Pergunas. "You have to recognize, if you want to do this, people are not attacking you as a person. They don't know anything about you, they are attacking the uniform so you have to be willing to accept that that is going to be apart of it."

Pergunas told 99.5 Drum FM that the RCMP strongly embrace the LGBTQ community, other cultures and races. She added that they would find it beneficial to have a variety of people apart of the police force, including women.

Pergunas mentioned that anyone interested in this career path can come to the detachment anytime for information, or research opportunities online.

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