When the temperatures plunge below zero, you might think twice before heading outside. Unfortunately for many cats without homes, they don't have the option to stay warm and cozy when the mercury plunges.

Debbie Busse works at the Drumheller Humane Society. She asks that people be humane this winter and do the right thing if they see a cat or dog stranded outside.

"When they see an animal, bring them in," she said. "Give them shelter, food, whatever you can do. Build something outside if they won't come in. Give them something."

One of the best places to find outdoor cats in the winter time is, as always, around vehicles.

"Be on the look-out," asked Busse. "Kick your car before you start it because they're going to try and find the best place to stay warm."

The Drumheller Humane Society was overwhelmed with cats before winter struck and things have not gotten better.

"It's never-ending. We've had quite a few come in and we have a waiting list of people who are holding onto the animals that they have rescued. We've got to get them homes because we can only hold so many, and this is the largest that we've ever seen."

Busse said the Humane Society is always looking for foster families willing to take in a pet, even if only for a short-time.

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