With the warm weather that has finally come to the valley, that means spring is here and with that comes all the enjoyments of spring such as flowers, and even bees. You may notice that there are bees starting to come out even though there are no flowers to be seen yet, but there is a way you can help them.

"The best thing I can suggest right now, we are feeding one and one part water to sugar. That gets them making up their wax molds, getting them ready for their brood and getting them ready to search for pollen shortly after," explained April De Smet, a local beehive owner.

Although dandelions can be a nuisance in your yard and the first reaction is to get rid of them, but to keep bees in your yard they are handy to keep around.

"Dandelions is one of the first things that bees go out and search for to collect pollen. Avoiding using any pesticides is a really good way to start," De Smet continued.

Bees are not like wasps in the aspect that they will sting you, bees will only sting if you swat at them, other than that they are just looking for pollen. There are some options if you want to help the bees in your yard. bees2 (1)Photo Submitted by April De Smet

"There are other kinds of bee houses that you can get. There are not just honey bees that you have in your yard, there are bumblebees and mason bees. There are little houses you can buy, they are like little bamboo shoot tubes where they can lay there eggs and nest. Those are really cool for if someone wants to help the bees in their yard if you have a lot of flowers in your yard and you can make a little bee house," concluded De Smet.

There are many options to help bees out this spring and are important to have around for gardens and the environment.

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