The Drumheller Health Centre is in need of a new operating room defibrillator after a flood damaged the previous one.

As one of its mandates, the Drumheller Heart to Heart Society is fundraising to replace the defribrillator, said President of the Society Trevor Gough.

"Recently, we worked a casino with the Heart to Heart Society out of Calgary, and we took some of those proceeds there. But, we have been relying also on a lot of local individuals and organizations to help fund us. Now, one of the big ones that have been helping us on an annual basis has been the Drumheller Fish and Game Society, and now, we were privileged to receive a donation from the Hussar Fish and Game Society," said Gough.

Aside from the defribrillator, the Heart to Heart Society also provides support to all patients with heart issues, explained Gough.

"We are now well in excess of $350,000, is what has actually been donated to our hospital in one way, shape or form, mostly through rehab equipment but some of the equipment goes inside the hospital as well, related to heart. So, if anyone suffers from heart disease, heart attacks, heart recovery, this is one of the organizations that helps put into place the things that you get to use for your recovery process."

Gough mentioned that the Drumheller Society is a bit unique compared to other Heart to Heart groups.

"Interestingly enough, we are, I think, one of the very few places that offers these services for free. So, through the organizations' donations, they're actually having free access to this stuff."

Gough thanked the community for its support of the Heart to Heart Society and encouraged people to get involved with the group by volunteering their time.

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