With harvest season in full swing, expect the roads to welcome oversized agriculture equipment.

With the harvest in many regions of Alberta underway or beginning, you'll have to share the roads with agriculture equipment like combines and tractors.

With the increased traffic in oversized vehicles, operators and drivers alike need to exercise caution on the roads.

"With any farm machinery they're subject to all the rules of the road but they are larger in size and they take greater space on the road," explained Cody Patton, Transport Officer with Commercial Vehicle Enforcement. "Patience is of the virtue where if it's unsafe to pass, if you don't have the dotted line; exercise patience and let the machinery go down the road and turn off where it needs to."

Patton further commented that these oversized vehicle operators are doing their best to ensure other motorists around them stay safe on the road as they do exercise extreme caution.

Earlier this year, Rosedale saw a seeder drill scrape through overhead power lines due to the operator misjudging the height of his equipment as well as the power lines.  ATCO Electric's Area Supervisor for the Drumheller area, Nick Peelar, had some helpful information for machine operators during this harvest season.

"We know harvest is a busy time of the year for our farm customers. We want to remind them of the risks of moving large equipment near power-lines," he said. "Look up and live. Farm equipment keeps getting bigger, so take a moment to look at your equipment, especially if it's new to you, and where you access your fields."

Peelar said that contact with overhead power-lines is one hundred percent avoidable as long as the operator is aware, calculates the way they operate their agriculture vehicle around overhead power-lines and if need be, reaches out to ATCO Electric for further help and guidance.

"We can help you measure power-lines in your yard or field, help plan the safest route and lift any power lines if needed," instructs Peelar.

"What to do if you make contact with a power-line?" Peelar asked with the answer readily available. "If possible, break the contact. Keep put and keep others away. Call 911. If you must exit your equipment, jump, then shuffle or hop away with your feet together. Don't step. And don't touch the ground and the machine at the same time."

The number you can call to have your farm equipment routed safely by ATCO or to receive any help with power-lines is 1-855-277-1670.

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