The Hanna RCMP are working to prevent a nuisance, and that nuisance is debris.

The local detachment has been filled with complaints of loose loads when following semi trucks.

"Within the past few weeks here, there is a lot of construction going on around the Hanna area right now with some building going on and a lot of road constructions. As a result of that we have seen an increase in complaints of insecure loads particularly with the gravel trucks and the flat decks," explained Corporal Trent Sperlie. "Debris is falling off of the gravel trucks and the flat decks and smashing out windows."

The debris is causing danger to anyone following the truck on the highway. The debris also causes obstacles for other drivers when it is left on the road.

"In one case here last week, we had rocks probably four to five inches in diameters that were falling out of a dump truck and several of these rocks hit a windshield and smashed a windshield out," continued Sperlie.

In the case above, the driver of the dump truck did not realize his end gate hadn't closed properly causing his load to shift. Sperlie goes on to say that an insecure load is the driver's responsibility and a hefty ticket.

"By nature of what they are doing (flat decks), they end up getting full of debris, rocks, and mud, just from the machinery they are hauling. Well, that constitutes as part of the load and they are responsible to make sure to clean it off before they hit the road. It falls upon the driver and it is about $776 per incident. So, it is a fairly expensive ticket," warned Sperlie.

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