Hanna's Yellow Vest Protest demands the Prime Minister's attention.

On December 16, in front of the Hanna Court House, nearly 60 protesters joined into one voice to spread their message of disapproval towards the Trudeau government before peacefully walking with signs to the Hanna Community Centre and then back to the Court House.

Recently, Prime Minister Trudeau signed a pact with the UN about who controls the borders when it comes to allowing illegal immigrants and refugees into Canada. The results have upset millions of Canadians, including those who live locally in Hanna.

"We should not have our borders run by the United Nations," expressed co-organizer of Hanna's Yellow Vest Rally, David Starcevic. "We should have the right to see who comes into our country and if they want to come in, they should come in legally. The way that every other immigrant comes in not just open our borders to whoever wants to come in."hannapro1David Starcevic and Shawn Godsiuk, Organizers of the Hanna Yellow Vest Protest

The protesters in Hanna all expressed the same sense of feeling and relay that it has nothing to do with race or religion. The arguments brought forward by the protest were that the Canadian Government should be aiming to take care of our elderly, veterans, working middle-class and homeless before allowing the population to extend, thus using Canadian tax dollars to house, feed and educate peoples who are on Canadian soil illegally.

"I figure we should be taking care of our own Canadians before we are kicking money out to other nations for any reason," explained another co-organizer, Shawn Godzuik. "We need to use our money to take care of our homeless, our elderly, our everybody!"

Another concern kicking around the conversations throughout the protest was the Carbon Tax debate and closure of the Hanna Coal Mines. Among the 60 or so protesters, many whom were from Hanna, are feeling the direct influence of the Carbon Tax affecting their lives, personally.

"Justin, this isn't a global stage propaganda. This is Canada, let's keep it that way," said Godziuk.

"Let's keep our sovereignty," added Starcevic.

"And our identity," finished Godziuk.

A Yellow Vest Rally is said to be taking place this Saturday, December 22 in Drumheller. Further details on this will become available during the week.

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