A local soon-to-be high school graduate has landed herself as a finalist for the Loran Scholarship
"It's a national scholarship through the Loran Foundation. There were 4,400 who applied and then around 500 were selected for the semi-finals where we went to Calgary to do interviews. There were 84 selected across Canada for the finals," stated Jessica Francis, scholarship finalist. "It's a really big award, like $100,000 over four years. There's also paid internships and mentorship's with all kinds of people."
"Even just at the semi-finals with all the different people that were there; they were all so kind and had so many different stories to tell. Even at that point it was like wow, anyone of these people deserve this award. I can't even imagine the finals, it will be people all across Canada who are just like that," Francis expressed. 
The Loran Scholarship isn't based just on grades, it's more leadership and community involvement base. 
"I'm part of pretty much all the clubs the school has to offer. We're from a small town, so there's not a ton. They also said they liked my energy," added Francis. 
After graduating from high school, Francis's dream is to attend Queens University. 
"I'm hoping to go to school for a mixture of Political Science and Global Affairs, so like global politics kind of. It's really expensive and living costs are expensive, so if I can get the scholarship it would be really awesome."
The finalist interviews for the Loran Scholarship are in Toronto from February 3 to the 4. 
"I'll be leaving on the second. There's also a few from the area, a guy from Hanna and a couple from Calgary who will be going too," mentioned Francis. 

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