A new K-12 school for Delia is a couple of years away and a group of people with a vested interest will be busy in the meantime raising money to make it bigger and better.
The Delia School Enhancement Society (DSES) is looking to raise $1.2 million to pay for upgrades that Alberta Education isn't willing to cover.
"When you look at the incredible enhancements that we are doing as a community, it adds up really quickly," explained Society President Amber Marshall. "There are three main components and they are all so significant to the community that it's hard to choose just one."
The three projects the DSES is looking to fund are a new, larger library than what was originally planned for the new school, a $450,000 multi-purpose programming and wellness area and more than $600,000 for a gymnasium large enough to meet the needs of the entire village, not just Delia School.
"The school really is a hub and having a school, especially a new one, that's going to be as vibrant and wonderful as it is really speaks to the viability of our rural community and rural communities, really, in the province," Marshall added. Ironically, because the new school is set back from the original, but on the same property, a new playground is not needed right now, although Marshall thinks they may build one a few years down the road.
"We'll be going out to the community, to businesses, to corporations, to families in the area and we will essentially be selling the naming right to difference spaces within the new school," outlined Marshall. Other fundraising ideas include a legacy program and selling floor space by the square foot.
A detailed fundraising plan has to be presented to the Prairieland School District by the end of October, after which the Enhancement Society will have two years to raise the money. Construction of the new Delia School is expected to begin in 2019 and take about a year to complete.

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