A former Drumhellion and her family were left stranded in Mexico this past weekend thanks to a mechanical failure on an Air Transat plane.

Katrina Kornaga, her husband and two children were delayed 30 hours in Puerto Vallarta waiting for their flight back to Calgary.

"We only found out by chance because one of the people in our party, there were about 25 of us there and about 16 of us were leaving. One of them happened by the rep for Air Transat and double checked the flight was on time and he said "oh you didn't know? You're not leaving today," explained Kornaga.

They were originally supposed to fly out of Mexico at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday but a mechanical problem on the plane forced the plane to be late by 30 hours, leaving people grounded in both Puerto Vallarta and in Calgary.

They were informed they couldn't stay at the resort and were moved to another hotel. She estimated they had about an hour's notice of the flight change. Kornaga's family and the affected passengers were transported by bus to another hotel where she says meeting times were constantly changing. 

"They said we would have to meet at the lobby at 1:00 (a.m.) to catch our flight, so we would get up just before 1:00, raise our children up, and then find a piece of paper under our door saying 'no, you'll now have to meet at the lobby at 6:00 (a.m.)'," explained Kornaga who added the time changed again to 8:00 p.m..

They ended up boarding the flight at 11:35 Monday evening and landed in Calgary at 4:00 Tuesday morning.  

"No one was upset that there were issues with the plane, I mean that happens and it's not something that they (Air Transat) wanted or that they could control, it was the issue with customer service," Kornaga said.

She and her family were awarded a voucher by Air Transat for a future flight but is unsure if they would like to fly with the company again.

Kornaga, whose Mother is Laurie Edwards of Rosedale, grew up in Drumheller and now resides in Red Deer.      



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