With warmer weather in the forecast, flood concerns rise with the thought of snowpacks melting and river levels rising.

The most common question Environment Alberta get every year is, "Are we going to have a flood?"

This is a particularly easy, yet difficult question to answer due to the weather fluctuating daily, or weekly at the very most.

"Flooding never occurs because of the snow or how much snow is on the ground. I can give you an example of the flood that happened in 2013 in Calgary." Zahid Qureshi, River Forecast Engineer for Environment Alberta lends his professional insights, "The snow that year was average. Not high, nor low. But you can see how much flood water we received. That was only because we got a lot of precipitation in a very short period of time."

Qureshi further went on to say that Environment Canada is forecasting that we will, in fact, have an average amount of precipitation this year compared to the rain that fell in 2013.

"If you see, historically in Alberta, flood is never caused by more or less snow. It's always caused by high rains in a short period of time." Qureshi explained.

Quershi closes with factors that directly correlate to floods in the valley, "Right now, temperatures play an important roll. Snow depth, soil moisture conditions; How wet or dry is the soil? And again, how much precipitation is expected in the future. These all play important roles."

For more information about the state of Alberta's river and/or lakes, Download the AB Rivers app for iPhone or Android and stay on top of the water.

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