Finance Minister Bill Morneau released the new federal budget for 2018 earlier this week and, while he called it a plan that invests in Canadians and the things that matter most to them, the MP for Battle River-Crowfoot disagrees.
Kevin Sorenson calls the $18 billion deficit budget a litany of broken Liberal promises.
"(Prime Minister Trudeau) made a promise that we would balance the budget within four years; that's set off about 30 years. He said that we would never have a deficit more than $10 billion; this one's one of his smaller deficits at $18.1 billion," Sorenson recounted. "What it's really done is it's meant the average middle class Canadian has more taxes."
"A couple of the papers have said it's a social justice budget, talking about equality, all aspirational and all of which we all agree with, but when you start just throwing money at problems, it doesn't solve the major problem," he contended.
While billions of dollars are being put into programs to allow women more quity in the workforce, there is no additional money for child care. And Sorenson charges the government with ignoring the energy industry completely.
"We're watching jobs disappear: jobs surrounding the energy sector are disappearing, exploration is disappearing," he pointed out. "Even though we have a higher price on oil, a little bit higher, the differential between what we get and what other countries get is massive, and so a lot of those jobs are leaving and it's frustrating."
The Liberal budget does include $3.2 billion over five years for scientists and researchers as well as $1.3 billion over five years to help Canada meet a United Nations commitment to protect at least 17 per cent of its land and inland waters by 2020.

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