Just over three months and those who were hit in the ice jam are still cleaning up the damage.

In March of this year, an ice build up on the creek through Rosedale flooded the Rosedale Campground and nearby yards along Highway 10X.

"We were totally devastated by that. We experienced over $100,000 damage to the campground and to our cabins," stated Lori Tudor, owner of the 11 Bridges Campground, RV and Cabin Park. "This is totally devastation for us. Even down in our riverfront area we lost over 150 trees that were 25 feet and taller that the ice literally took out of here that we had to replace."

Luckily, Tudor noted that their insurance company brought out a restoration company to get the campground ready for the tourist season.

"They got in and cleaned up our cabins, treated them, raked leaves and mud for days, we had Gallagher's bringing in truckloads of gravel to get our sites back up (and) we had to get new picnic tables. There was lots and lots to do."

The ice jam caused some erosion on the river bank near the 11 Bridges campground.

"We lost over six feet of erosion on the two sides of the riverbank, so we need Alberta Environment to come out to see if there's ways that we can prevent that from happening again," Tudor outlined.

When the ice jam hit, it caused damage to more than just the 11 Bridges Campground, RV and Cabin Park.

"It doesn't just affect us, it affected the home owners up in Wayne. There was families there that were totally devastated too with their houses flooding. It's definitely something we would like to see never happen again," Tudor concluded.

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