Come the end of April, the Task Force Sub-Committee that was formed back in early January will release their recommendations for the Economic Development Committee.

"All of the people on the subcommittees on the task force, are basically looking at how each of our sub groups affect the economy, and how we are moving forward in the community; how does it fit in to the puzzle," explained Fred Makowecki, member of the housing factor sub-committee.

There was a broad range of backgrounds that made up the committees and sub-committees, so Makowecki was not surprised when there were some great ideas that came their way.

"We certainly found out as a sub-committee that; I slap my knee and went well, you know I never would have thought that; I am excited that all of these ah'ha moments are going to come out when we finish with the release of the recommendations of the sub-committee," said Makowecki.

Makowecki is a big supporter of the town of Drumheller, and said that committee looked at things like tiny houses, what to do with the ageing houses in town, and how do we encourage more people to want to live in such an amazing community such as Drumheller.

"There is 500,000 people a year that visit our community, and each one of them goes "Wow" when they come down the valley, and we get the beautiful opportunity to live in this community, and it is the best kept secret of living in a great community," beamed Makowecki.

Makowecki said that when he was thinking about the traffic problems in Calgary, and when Deerfoot Trail is backed up, he is happy to be able to look at his phone, and have Google Maps tell him that there is no traffic, and he has a three-minute drive home. He wonders why people would not want to live in such a beautiful place as Drumheller, and have a three-minute drive home.

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