The Drumheller Public Library has recently announced that they will be continuing to offer free library cards to the public. This after the organization offered free card registration in celebration of Canada's 150, funded by the Library Society. 

After the very successful trial run, they have decided to continue to offer free library cards to all.

"We asked for a little bit of extra money from the town this year so we could do permanent free library cards. We found out we had that so we decided to have free library cards and extended library hours," explained Drumheller Public Library Board Chairperson, Vanessa Page.

Since last year, library card registration has increased and the lack of fees has allowed the Library to reach out in the community more.

"We have gotten funding from The Library Society to do a trial run of the free library card, and not only did we notice that our membership increase because it was free and easy, but we were able to go out in to the community with our sign up sheets and say 'Hey do you have a library card? You don't? Here you go, you can have one right now.' By taking away that fee it made it a lot easier to get people signed up for library cards," continued Page.

Page also hopes this will allow the library to be seen as an inviting place, and less of a membership bound facility.

"I really hope it will help people more welcome at the library. Even if you didn't have a library card before you were able to come to the library and enjoy the program. So maybe people weren't feeling as comfortable coming to the library as the ought to because it is a publicly funded organization. Your tax dollars are paying for it so you should be coming to it," concluded Page.

The Library will also now be open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm every weeknight thanks to the additional funding.

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