Nicky Samuel and Karen Crawford, who are both highly educated in mental health, envisioned and kick-started a bereavement support group for people who have suffered the loss of family members. 

On January 2nd of 2019, the first Drumheller Bereavement Group sessions of a six-session series were launched in the Valley. 

"We were approached by some community members and some physicians saying there was a need for this in Drumheller plus Karen and I both worked in mental health and we are quite aware that there is a need for a bereavement group to give support to people who have lost a loved one," Samuel stated.

There were plans made of how the group would be facilitated for the sessions and the first group sessions were a success, but with it being the first one, Nicky and Karen realized that the group had diverse ideas and stories of loss and what they wanted to share and it was a great experience that they will take to the second set of sessions that will start up on May 1st to June 5th.

"The support of the group will be a huge benefit for people who have experienced losses." Nicky explained, "It's really the groups' group, so we want to do what they want to do in the group. The group brought up other issues that they wanted to discuss and so they got to talk about issues that were very near and dear to them. that maybe they couldn't bring up with a family member."

There was an evaluation survey done after the six sessions were finished and there was a manner of relief. Some dark clouds were lifted, and many benefited from these sessions.

"The support and knowing that there's no criticism, no judgment in the group, that they can be there and feel free to talk about whatever they feel comfortable talking about related to their grief," said Samuel.

The next sessions attendance is fully booked, but Nicky said that people can call herself and Karen for support. The third session will be held in September and the date will be announced soon. If you are suffering from the loss of a loved one and do not know where to turn for support, The Drumheller Bereavement phone numbers are, Nicky Samuel 403-823- 2652 and Karen Crawford's is 403-823-8584.

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