A mix of cool and warm temperatures will hit the valley for the next week, which could bring dense fog.

It's nothing new to the Drumheller and surrounding area but we're in for some fog. That also means being able to drive to the conditions of the road.  

"Drumheller is in a valley so we have warm weather and moisture that is melting," explains Environment Canada Regional Meteorologist for the Drumheller area, Dan Kulak. "Then you get these cool temperatures that cool off a bit at night from warmer temperatures in the daytime. Then you'll get that fog formation; especially when you're down in a valley like Drumheller is in."

Earlier this year, between March and May, Drumheller seen a significant increase in fog formations, according to Kulak, which can be dangerous to drivers.  More then one story DrumFM reported on this year involved fog as a direct contributor towards motor vehicle accidents that were fatal.

"When you have these wild swings with the weather from warm to cold, back to warmth, you just need to be prepared for on-going situations like that," Kulak said. "It's about understanding that we are in that type of pattern. We not getting into a pattern where we are getting into a long-lived cold snap. It just seems to be bouncing a little bit back and forth, so that's what you need to be prepared for."

Being prepared for foggy situations, or any major climate change situations could very well be the first step in winning the battle against motor vehicle fatalities when the weather is involved.

"It (the fog) just sits in there and needs a lot of solar energy and wind to get rid of it," Kulak warns. "This time of the year, solar energy is a little bit lacking. So you really start to rely on the wind."

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