On October 26, 2018 a semi hauling a track hoe on a flatbed trailer clipped a number of overhead highway signs and at least one communications line. It took a while, but the driver of the truck has finally been tracked down.

"Through excellent witnesses who saw different parts and pieces of the collision as the driver came through town, we were able to take that information, run it through our systems and find the driver and carrier responsible for the damage," outlined Cody Patton, a transport officer with Alberta Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, which investigated along with Drumheller RCMP.

"The source of what happened was being over dimensional, and then taking a route that was not able to accomodate the over dimensional height," he extrapolated. "Any over dimensional vehicle that does not obtain a permit to cover those over dimensional requirements (is) subject to fines."

The fine is upwards of $300, plus the cost of damages.

"When they're traveling through unfamiliar places, people are generally a little bit more nervous and they're just following their phone's directions," explained Patton. "When you're operating commercial vehicles of over dimension, the severity of that impacts when you're taking an unsafe route or a route that's not able to accomodate the height or length or width of your vehicle."

The boom of the backhoe that was being hauled caught and snapped an overhead line and damaged the overhead signs in front of the Drum FM studios on South Dinosaur Trail. Other overhead signs were also hit as it traveled north through town and up the North Hill toward Morrin. The damage total hasn't been released.


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