Once the Sports Room Source for Sports closed its doors, it was time to think about where to take the building next.
The building has had some major renovations done over the past few years. 
"We're still actually pretty early on. We've just got half of the main level, just enough to get one new tenant in," stated Joel Fabrick. 
"We ran a wall down the middle to separate it back into two separate spaces. It was actually set up that way quite a while ago when the building was used before the Sports Room," added Fabrick. "It will still be a little ways until we get that one side fixed up and figure out what to do with it at this point."
Fabrick mentioned that they've been going through a lot of similar processes with the other building they rebuilt from the ground up. 
"We knew what we were getting ourselves into and we we're taking our time. You run into these complications with the old buildings like nothing straight and level or you're working with outdated electrical and construction materials that all need to be updated. It's quite an adventure," explained Fabrick. 
On December 1, the women's boutique CC's Closet opened for business in one half of the old Sports Room building.

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