The freezing rain storm on Dec. 15 wasn't only problematic for drivers in the Drumheller Valley. Pedestrians are also asked to be cautious, at least until the ice melts.

Dr. Qais Janmohamed (Dr. Jay) of the Chiropractic Wellness Centre has some tips for everyone this winter, both young and old.

"First and foremost is: make sure you have enough time to get to wherever your destination is so you're not rushing and then walking on icy patches and causing yourself to fall down," he explained. "[Also], planning out areas to walk on. If you know that one area is always going to be slightly more icy than the others then keep that in the back of your mind."

Even if you take every precaution necessary before leaving the house, there's always the chance you might be forced to cross a thick sheet of ice. Dr. Jay says dressing right is the key to wintertime walking.

"The other thing is also: having proper footwear and being dressed appropriately. Anything with a little bit more grip on the bottom, winter boots [can help]."

If you need to walk on the ice, be sure to watch where you're going and walk slowly, urged Dr. Jay.

"You always want to have a direction on where you're stepping, but, at the same time, always checking where your feet are going too. Slow down over the icy patch if you know you're going to cross over it. Make sure your foot is firmly placed on the ground before you take your next step."

Freezing temperatures are expected to continue throughout the week.

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