With the summer long drought followed by poor weather at harvest time, a lot of farmers in the region have to be wondering if they will get their crops off this year and if they will be worth harvesting.

The County of Stettler declared an Agricultural Disaster this week on behalf of some of its farmers whose grain and hay crops are not up to snuff.

"We've got producers that have struggled to secure feed: I think the livestock sector has probably paid a bigger price with this drought," reported Alan Hampton, the Agricultural Fieldman for Starland County. "We've had a few producers that have had to sell off some breeding stock and reduce herd size just because of feed."

"Our intention would be that we can take care of ourselves, but let's say it snows tomorrow and we get half this crop sitting out, there's going to be guys that are in trouble," he told Drum FM.

That said, Hampton doesn't think his municipality has to be pressing any panic buttons as yet.

"Two years ago, when did we start combining? It was about November 3 or November 4," he recalled. "I think there was probably more crop sitting out that fall and it looked pretty dire at that point, but with modern equipment size, you can take a lot of crop off in a hurry."

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