Thank you, those are the words from the former head coach and general manager of the Drumheller Dragons.
Brian Curran was relieved of his duties on Sunday during what was his fifth season as the team's head coach.
He would like to thank the Dragons and the Drumheller community for an amazing five years. 
Hear the full interview with Curran and Dragons broadcaster, Nathan Crosby:
"There's so many people to thank and they've all been so good to me coming here. I've really felt like I was part of this community," expressed Curran.
"It's sad to leave with not a lot of games left in the season, but it's business and I get where they're coming from. It's tough, but it is what it is, it truly is. There's no hidden story here, they're moving in a different direction and coaches, unfortunately we run into that. I'm very proud of the people I've worked with here and the people I've met in Drumheller."
As Curran looks back on his years with the local AJHL organization, he firmly believes the change he was brought here for was made. 
"As I go through it, the Dragons were definitely struggling years before I came here. We became a 500 season (and) won the first round of playoffs. Second year, what a great season; we added a goaltender, Devin Buffalo and that was a huge trade, and now we go to the finals and I'm very proud of those kids."
"Coming into this year, I told the ownership before that I was never a rebuilding type (of) coach; I was just build to win championships every year. I couldn't do that after last year. I took a gamble in my final year of my contract to go with a very young team and obviously we are the youngest team in the league by age," noted Curran. "The progress I saw with the help from everybody, what I saw with these kids was amazing. They are set in my opinion, they have to make a few changes here and there. There's some big time scoring in there, they need the ice time to prove it, but they're really good players."
Brian Curran mentioned that he is extremely proud of his kids; saying they were phenomenal to work with.
"It's part of the business and from that point on where the team is going to go I don't have the crystal ball, but I know that they might figure it out right when they need to figure it out. They have a tough schedule ahead of them and I believe in these boys. I believe they could upset somebody, but they have to keep it together," he said.
So, what's next for him?
"These past couple years have been tough on my physically. I lost the passion a little bit last year for the game, it was a very tough time. I had the back surgery a couple years ago, it seemed to be alright, and then I've had a couple other physically things that are going to get fixed. That's the most important thing for me right now, to get physically back where I need to be because the boys gave me the passion back again this year," he outlined.
"I wish this organization all the best and if we do end up crossing paths again where I'm with another team in this league, I will certainly always call this place home, but I will be on the other side of the bench ready to kick some butt, but not personally."

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