Drumheller and surrounding area has been subject to a spree of crime this past week with everything from stolen vehicles to an alleged arson.

Locals are holding on tight to their belongings as many items have been going missing.

"These look a lot like they are crimes of opportunity. I don't know (that they're) looking for anything in specific, but what we are seeing a lot of in the valley is people trying to support their drug habit. So they are literally taking whatever isn't nailed down,anything that they think they can use and get a little bit of money to then convert to their drug habit," explained Constable Rachel Pergunas.

The recent crimes are a concern for everyone and the RCMP's main objective is to make sure everyone remains safe.

"(It's) incredibly frustrating for us as well. We have a core group of people that we keep an eye on that are habitual offenders," said Pergunas. "But a lot of the time it is not necessarily related to them. It is related to people from another town that are too well recognized in their town, so they will travel to the next town over to somewhere where they think they can get away with a little bit more because they won't be recognized right away."

"We did have a truck stolen from the BCF (Badland's Community Facility), somebody stole a truck key out of someone's locker and took off with the truck,"reported Pergunas.

She added that keeping valuables on front decks or porches hidden or moved inside is a way to protect yourself against the thieves.


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