Some uneasy hours in Rosedale, just east of Drumheller this week after some residents smelled gas Tuesday evening.
"We dug up the gas main, the larger line that runs in the back alley and squeezed it with clamps," explained AltaGas president Greg Johnston. "What that did, is we isolated that section and made sure there was no gas going in that section whatsoever."
"There were a couple of homes affected when we squeezed off that gas main, so we ran some lines above ground to make sure they still had heat," he continued. "What we're finishing up now is excavating the old line to pull it out and find out exactly what caused the leak."
It's in the same area of Rosedale where a home was destroyed by a natural gas explosion in 2005. That line was replaced, but Johnston suspects there is a lot of old gas line in the community and some of it is probably nearing the end of its scheduled life.
"I would urge anybody that smells gas to call us immediately; in this case, I think the people waited a period of time," he cautioned. "Whether you smell gas inside your house or outside in the yard or just driving down the street, if you smell gas you should call our emergency line immediately."
The number is 1-866-222-2068.

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