It's nice to be able to go for a long walk with your dog without having to worry about one of you freezing, but spring brings another concern to the valley.
Drumheller's Director of Protective Services, Greg Peters, has been getting calls about aggressive coyotes.
"It may ease up now with some of the snow melting, but it's that time of year when they're breeding and birthing," he told 99.5 Drum FM. "We've had some calls on some bold animals and I just want citizens to be extra careful in their yards and when they're out walking near the river or any of the unoccupied areas of town."
"Some of these coyotes, and it may be the same ones, they've adopted a habit of following people that are walking their own animals," he elaborated. "I think more or less, they're scoping out any activity that might result in some food for therm."
Peters doesn't want to panic anyone, but he thinks it's best that pet owners are prepared.
"We've had people alarmed by them in close proximity, but we've not had any coyotes that have attacked anybody who's walking a dog on a leash," he related. "They're still wary enough of people, but I would not have my dog off leash if I was walking in an area of town that was adjacent to a wilderness area."
If you do have a run-in with a coyote in the valley, you're encouraged to call Protective Services at Town Hall, 403-823-1363.

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