The new Drumheller Town Council made a pledge after they were elected to try to make municipal government in the valley more open. Their latest move goes towards that end.
Council meetings are currently video streamed live every other week: Mayor Heather Colberg wants them aired every time that council meets.
"There is a lot of information that isn't televised: for example, last week we had a great discussion about snow removal (and) we had a great discussion about seniors, and nobody saw that information," she complained. "People ask about those things and this way, I could say check on (the) council meeting of such and such (date)."
"This way, we're opening the door and saying we want you to know what we're doing and we want you to see that we truly are trying to make a difference and we want to be an open council."
Colberg noted most of the discussion that leads up to votes in council actually occurs during Committee of the Whole meetings, which are held in the weeks between bi-weekly council meetings. She wants the public to know why councillors vote as they do.
"Communication is one of the highest of priorities because as long as people are informed, and well informed, people are generally really good," she told 99.5 Drum FM. "There's just so much going on, we need to keep them abreast of what we're doing."
Administration were also asked to see what's needed to provide a better live stream broadcast with multiple cameras, so viewers don't miss anything.

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