Banking is about more than money, it is a cornerstone of every vibrant community and about positively impacting the communities that we all live, work, and thrive in. That is what is always on the minds of the people who work at and with Connect First Credit Union.

"It is a very democratic organization, so the members actually have the final say, through who they elect as the board members on how the organization is ran," explained Scot Hadden, president of Chinook Financial.Scot Hadden2Scot Hadden, President of Connect First Credit Union

Last month, Connect First and Mountain View Credit Union announced plans to explore a business cast to amalgamate and form a regionally focused Credit Union.

"Our focus is on continued growth, we have a lot of concentration and emphasis on the agricultural industry; we have 13 locations in Southern Alberta, and our largest potential for growth is agriculture," advised Hadden.

The two credit unions jointly represent more than 120,000 members and 700 employees in 44 different locations across central and southern Alberta. Through the annual Director Election, which is voted on by the members, local Carey Taubert was re-elected as board secretary.

"One of the new Directors is Carey Taubert; who is a Chartered Accountant from Hussar. She brings a lot to the board, not only does she have a strong understanding of agriculture, she is a Chartered Accountant by trade, and she is from a small town; so she brings a lot to the board and Connect First Credit Union is very lucky to have her," said Hadden.

Other board members include, Andrew Eberl - Board Chair, Stella Thompson - Board Vice Chair, and board directors include, Cindy Shrukwa, Bas Wheeler, Sarah Arthurs, Michel Cantin, Ron Gibson, Courtney Mo, Gael McLeod, Bob Petryk, Robert Shearer, and Doug van Spronsen. For more information on the board of directors visit the Connect First Credit Union website.

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