We change our clocks this weekend. On Sunday morning, March 11 at 2:00 a.m. move your clocks forward one hour (spring ahead, fall back) for Daylight Savings Time.
The proposal was first adopted in the early 1900's as a way to provide more daylight hours to working people at the end of their day. 
"You only have like five or six hours of daylight rather than eight to ten hours," noted Drumheller pharmacist Pat Doyle. "I think we all welcome spring light in the spring because we do see more. Our energy, I think it affects all of us to a certain degree."
Doyle says long, dark winter days and nights can take their toll on a person psychologically.
"Those that might be prone to more depression, the darkness might send them a little bit deeper, but I know with the general population, we all comment that in the dead of winter, there's more people dragging their butts." he explained.
"We push Vitamin D in the winter as pharmacists because they don't get the sun exposure," he added. "Even in the summer, when we see more sun, you've still got to expose yourself to that sun. If you're a construction worker and you're all covered, you still need to, in the summer, wear short sleeves."
Moving the clocks forward will rob you of one hour this weekend, so Doyle says you should be prepared to feel a little tired for a couple of days.

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