We'll have to wait a couple of weeks at least to find out if residents of Carbon are going to be allowed to keep chickens.

The question arose after Krystal Boggs addressed council in September, arguing that she should be allowed to keep chickens in an enclosure in her back yard.

"The individuals that came to the first meeting, including the young lady that was presenting regarding chickens, asked if this could be a public hearing," explained Carbon CAO Vanessa Van der Meer. "We've offered to do a public forum in regards to the chicken bylaw and discussion on chickens in the municipality."

Compounding the question is the news since that council meeting it's been learned there is a chicken co-op just outside the village, so residents have easy access to birds and eggs.

"Do we really want to go through with still having a chicken bylaw? It's a yes and no factor," she continued. "Are we going to look at that; are we going to look at the chicken co-op; are we going to look at just keeping our bylaw the way it is with some amendments on the amount of animals within the town? We're not sure yet."

A public forum is scheduled for November 1 from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. at the Carbon Community Hall.  The City of Calgary just approved the use of livestock as emotional support companions, but we shouldn't expect anything like that in Carbon.

"That hasn't even come on the radar; right now, we're just trying to deal with what we've been presented and asked to look at," said Van der Meer. "We're trying to be a very transparent council and would like to be moving forward with everybody talking instead of people making decisions on just what they have, no all facts."

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