Kudos to the Carbon Public Library for encouraging young writers to spread their literary wings.
Library assistant Holly Laffin was honoured with the Marigold Library System's Making a Difference Award for small libraries.
"We had noticed other libraries and what they do for the community and that's amazing. However, to be recognized for the Creating Young Authors contest that we've been hosting for the last four years, that was a touching honour to be honest, it really meant a lot to me," she told 99.5 Drum FM.
"I've been working on this project for the past four years and to see it grow every year is just beautiful," Laffin enthused. "Kids need to learn to read and write and to know that there's an outlet for this type of media."
Creating Young Authors attracted 60 young author entries in 2017 and Laffin expects a similar number this year, which she thinks is pretty amazing considering there are only about 100 kids in Carbon. She would now like to expand it to other schools and libraries in the area.
"I would love for some of these young children who are desperately interested in writing to get a feel for it," stated Laffin, who has published 16 novels over the years. "That's why I wanted to try and teach some so that they could have a better chance at succeeding. I had a little bit harder of a chance, but the more people who help you the better it is."
Laffin was joined by head Carbon Librarian Jay-Lynn Boutin in accepting the Making a Difference Award.

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