Canada's birthday celebration was a huge success with all the different events happening in our community, especially from the newest one this year; the Canada Day Powwow.

Mike and Lynn Fabrick, who own Dry Canyon Collectables, were the locals organizing the event and they noticed everyone in attendance or performing was having a wonderful time.

"They were so excited about having multi-nations there. We had so many people, well over 150 dancers and drummers showed up, we had royalty and Chiefs from different nations. Having that alone was a dream come true, it really was," stated organizer Lynn Fabrick.

"From speaking with some of them, they thought that for our first time running an event, we did pretty good. We do have a lot to learn, but we did pretty good," she noted.

The numbers haven't been added up yet if the event broke even or not.

Fabrick mentioned that she was chatting with an organizer from the Siksika Nation, who was thrilled with the event.

"The organizers we had from Siksika were so excited and pleasantly surprised to see the support that we had from the Town and appreciative of that. You don't know what you're going to experience and to see the integration, Town support, spectator support and community support was just overwhelming," she added.

The Canada Day Powwow was such a success that the Fabrick's are hoping to bring back the event next year and so on.

"To have this multi-gathering and to do it in front of hundreds of spectators, just wow! We were there, sitting at the stage and just to look out and see it happening before our eyes I thought someone had to pinch me to wake up from a dream, but it was really happening," concluded Fabrick.

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