The spring brings little friends that help the world bloom into beautiful summers.

An animal that is usually looked at as a menace is the reason the flowers this spring, and every spring, have begun to bloom.

There are thousands of different breeds of bees. Ones that don't like you to much and will probably sting you if they get the chance and then there are the breeds that have a real purpose. Bumble and Honey Bees work with our environment to help flowers and plants around the valley come to life in the spring time, including those yellow distractions in your yard, the Dandelion.

With the long winter, local bee farmers have experienced a loss within their colonies that could prove detrimental for our environment in the future. Luckily, bee keepers Jenn Jaeger and April De Smet, have four hives that survived the winter and are thriving.bees1Honey Bees from April and Jenn's colony this spring

"This last winter was very hard for everybody in Canada because we did have such a long winter. A lot of bee keepers lost all of their bees," said Jenn Jaeger. "It was so awesome that ours all survived. We were very, very lucky or it was good hive management."

"There's about 900 different types of bees in Canada alone. Not all of them are in colonies and not all of them actually keep honey but pollinate," explained bee keeper April De Smet. "Some do squash only. Planting a variety of nectar and pollen flowers as well as fruit in your gardens will really help bring all those populations up."

April and Jenn have been bee keepers for a year but have studied and observed bee behaviour as well as took classes to begin raising honey bee colonies.

"We have pollen patties, it's what we put in there at the beginning(of spring) and we do syrup that we were feeding them, along with medications," said De Smet. "So we had to make we were on top of that so we wouldn't come into problems when it came to honey flow season."

Losing over 50% of your hive during the winter is considered detrimental to any bee keeper, said De Smet, if you can keep it under 20%, then a bee keeper is in pretty good shape.

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