5:10 p.m.
Julia Fielding, the Town of Drumheller's Communications Officer, has an update on what our valley is looking at for the next 24 hours.
"We've had predictions that the Rosebud River will rise 8-inches in the next 24 hours."
12:30 p.m. 
It looks like the flood situation in the Drumheller Valley and surrounding areas could get worse before it gets better.
"Provincial forecasters are stating that due to the increased spring runoff going into tributaries, the Rosebud River is expected to rise an extra 5-6 inches (12-15 cm.),"outlined Julia Fielding, Drumheller's Communications Officer.
"The Red Deer River is also expected to rise (by) one metre, so this will take the river levels to where they were on Saturday evening, so we are expecting Newcastle Beach area and (other) low lying areas to flood," she added.
While major flooding is still not a concern, a number of valley residents are going to be adversely affected and Fielding says they're doing what they can to help.
"We've got all of our crews out doing as much as they can, our acting CAO is out, as is our Director of Infrastructure," she told 99.5 Drum FM. "The team are out there and will help people as much as possible. Do call our emergency line, 403-820-2156 if you need assistance." Before 4:30 p.m. call 403-823-1330.
Home owners in low lying areas with wells are advised to start making preparations to protect their wells.
It was a long weekend for emergency services and Drumheller Town staff as they monitored water levels in the Red Deer and Rosebud Rivers and Michichi Creek in the valley.
The Red Deer reached its highest level in five years on Saturday before dropping about a metre by Sunday evening.
"The Red Deer River is still running fast and high. Levels remained steady overnight, but it is anticipated that levels may increase slightly over the next couple of hours," reported Communications Officer Julia Fielding on Monday morning aroundf 10:00 a.m. "The Rosebud River has risen approximately two inches (5 cm.) overnight and we continue to monitor the situation and stay in touch with provincial forecasters."
"All of the emergency support for the province, we're staying in touch with all of those people," she continued. "Bruce Wade, our Fire Chief, is out constantly monitoring, as are our Public Works folks."
So far, flooding has been reported in Newcastle Beach, Lehigh and Wayne.
"We are monitoring it: we are aware that some people are having issues and we're trying to help as much as we can," stated Fielding. "We'll just keep on monitoring it and make sure that it's not going to get any worse."
If you do have flooding issues, you're asked to call Public Works at 403-823-1330 or the town's emergency line at 403-820-2156.
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